Friday, September 16, 2011

Accommodations for Students with ADHD

Classroom accomodations can make a huge difference for students diagnosed with ADHD. With effective planning and a patient teacher, students with ADHD can flourish in the classroom. Parents can work with their child's IEP team to be sure that appropriate accommodations are in place for their child. Here is a list of classroom accommodations and suggestions that can may make the learning environment more manageable for students diagnosed with ADHD.

-- Seat the student near the teacher's desk avoiding distractions such as windows and doors
--Simplify complex directions and avoid multiple commands
--Have the student utilize a daily assignment notebook. It may be a good idea for the teacher to initial this notebook at the end of the day, and have the parents initial it at home
--Reduce assignments to the chid's attentional abilitiy (consider a 30-50% reduction)
--Allow additional time to complete assignments
--Allow sensory or movement breaks
--Provide a "fidget" at the student's desk such as putty or a squeeze-ball
--Break long term assignments into shorter assignments
--Give the student immediate feedback and immediate consequences
--Provide the student with an extra set of books at home
--Have extra materials/supplies available for the student in the classroom
--Provide the student with a copy of the class notes to highlight as he goes along
--Allow homework and assignments to be typed if handwriting is an issue.

These are just some suggestions. Be sure that the accommodations are appropriate and individualized to the child's specific needs. For more ideas and suggestions, check out this website. Good luck!


  1. What a fantastic blog! So glad I found you! :) I love all the topics on the left too! I'm going to share this blog, and especially some good posts to some of my autism online parent groups! :)

  2. great post. I especially enjoyed the part about "Allow sensory or movement breaks
    --Provide a "fidget" at the student's desk such as putty or a squeeze-ball."
    We have used these tools and seen significant progress in students ability to focus and sit for longer periods of time. Thank you for the great content